Marianna’s Marina


Useful information about boating on the Merrimack River and visiting the greater Haverhill area.

NOAA Tide Predictions Chart Riverside Station, Merrimac River, MA

Marianna’s Marina follows the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s tide predictions for Riverside Station, Merrimac River, MA. Please note that the Newburyport, MA tide predictions are approximately 90 minutes off from our tide.

Google Earth Bathymetry Contours

Merrimack River Bathymetry

Merrimack River Navigation Obstruction Survey

US Harbors

Tides, weather, and local knowledge

Merrimack River Watershed Council

The mission of the MRWC is to protect, improve and conserve the Merrimack River watershed for people and wildlife through education, recreation, advocacy and science.

Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit business organization composed of nearly 500 area businesses.

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